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Gastrolab’s culinary approach is courageous, yet it perfectly integrates into Bucharest’s ever evolving and curious – minded gastronomic scene. Indigenous, local ingredients are brought from the counties of Covasna and Harghita, such as saltwater – washed and smoked rainbow trout, Mangalica and game meats, artisanal cheeses, and more, all sourced from micro – farms and producers across Szeklerland. By using the finest, freshest and seasonal ingredients, my intention, contrary to en vogue trends nowadays, was not to reinterpret any traditional menus and recipes, but rather to implement a food program to contain creations that are prepared sincerely and correctly. There are plenty of restaurants trying to bring an air and flair of distant regions and countries into their kitchens, so, it was just logical to have a place in Bucharest to evoke memories of Szeklerland’s mountains, forests, lakes, rivers and fresh air, and to transform those memories into an original and sensorial gastronomic adventure. I trust that you will be all pleased by the real taste of potato bread, paprika, tarragon and smoked delights, and that our dishes will tantalize your taste buds and seduce your hearts.

Mădălina Roman Santa – Creative Chéf

Wine experience

Our program contains carefully selected wines, that pair along very well with our menus, as to enhance your overall dining experience.

We do acknowledge that the best wine is the one you like, and would like to share with friends and loved ones, however, we do also advocate that if a wine is accurately matched to a dish, well, the two will taste much – much better together than individually, on their own. The team here at GastroLab – Wine and Food Experience commits to bringing you a gastronomically sensual, and textural, dining affair.

Zoltán Szabó – Sommelier

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