Food Experience

“We are what we eat” says an old wisdom.

So we have to be extremely careful when it comes to recipes, ingredients, cooking techniques. We realized this menu, using old recipes from Moldova, Transylvania and Szeklerland. We tried to bring a bit of the regional traditional cuisine from these places, where the mangalitsa pig, the trout from the mountain spring, game meat, best quality paprika, borsch, horseradish, tarragon & lovage have the supremacy of authentic taste. As the modern cuisine is without borders, we did not avoid proposing classic ingredients from all over the world, of an exceptional quality that convinced and delighted us, which we prepare and cook in a authentic style. We propose you these dishes in a way that suits a modern and innovative restaurant. Romanian gastronomy is a treasure that must be preserved and developed further.

“If you do something you really like, you just enjoy the experience. And that means being free, to wake up in the morning, knowing that you will have a long day waiting for you, but at the end of the day you are tired but happy.”

Chéf Andrei Chelaru

Wine experience

Our program contains carefully selected wines, that pair along very well with our menus, as to enhance your overall dining experience.

We do acknowledge that the best wine is the one you like, and would like to share with friends and loved ones, however, we do also advocate that if a wine is accurately matched to a dish, well, the two will taste much – much better together than individually, on their own. The team here at GastroLab – Wine and Food Experience commits to bringing you a gastronomically sensual, and textural, dining affair.

Zoltán Szabó – Sommelier